Basic Crypto

Everyone likes crypto and chocolate. We'll learn how your comptuer encrypts data with parties online that you don't know. The best part though, instead of using math to show how it works, we'll use chocolate.

Beginning HTML

We will create a simple webpage using HTML.   No prior experience needed - see how easy it is to create a webpage!

Buttons & Lights

What does it take to control an LED using software? We'll take a look at using your raspberry pi to controll LED's and interface with buttons!

Controlling Lights with a Raspberry Pi

This hands-on elective will teach you how you can turn almost anything electric, like lights, on and off through a web page on your Raspberry Pi.

Datacenter Tour

Come see what a "cloud" really looks like! We'll take a peek at DSU's datacenter.

Getting Started with Forensics

Welcome to the absolute basics of digital forensics

Getting Started with Unity

How are games made? We'll take a look using Unity, one of the popular game programming engines, and create a 3D game!

Hacker Methodologies

The Hacker Methodology is a step-by-step process you will follow during a penetration test. Before you can attack a system though you have see what it is vulnerable to. This course will help you understand how to get in to a system and obtain root access

Headless Pis

Your raspberry pi typically requires a tv/monitor and an HDMI cable. What if you could just access it directly from your computer? Come to this session to get setup!

Intro to Cowsay and Script Kiddie-ing 101:

Learn all about: Cowsay, Live Boot + Sam Reset + Ophcrack, Card Cloning, 10 Minute mail, Whitepages, Google Voice, MR Mike Wilson, Proxies, Cars and keys and locks and stuff and such, Teacher's Pet: Linux Commands, Names, Meanings, and Usage

Intro to Lock Picking

Learn how to manipulate locks to gain entry!

Intro to Soldering

Never soldered before? Let's take a stab and make cool soldering badge!

Ozobot Bit

Engineering and Programming combined! Ozobot is a tiny tinker robot that will get your creativity flowing.  These tiny robots have advanced robotics packed into a cubic inch.  Start with simply programming using lines and color segments.  Advance to visual block-based programming.  “Ozobot, the gamepiece with a brain” (Forbes). 

Password Cracking

Ah, the ever vulnerable password.  Everyone has them, everyone uses them, and most of them are rubbish.  In this session the students will learn about strong password techniques and the ideas behind what makes a password vulnerable.  They will look at cracking passwords through guessing, brute-forcing, and pulling in the heavy hardware to rip through more sophisticated algorithms.  This course will lead users through offline (captured password hashes) and online (against running system) password attacks.

Python I

Welcome to an introduction to the Python scripting language. In this elective we'll get started writing some simple scripts and use some introductory programming concepts. If you've never used Python this elective will be perfect for you!

Writing an Email Address Web Scraper with Python

Do you ever get random sales emails and wonder how someone acquired your email address? Perhaps it was posted publicly online on an old forum. Maybe a friend left it where others could see it. In this fun elective students will walk through writing a web scraper designed to harvest email addresses from websites! When you are done, you will be able to provide a list of URLs and scan them for email addresses.