Advanced Soldering

Now that you've tackled basic soldering, lets get more advanced and make a decision making circuit!

Bank Hacking and Web Security 2.0:

Bank of GenCyber, Cookies (again) (Firesheep story), Code Injection (xss, html, css, etc.) (reflected vs stored), Url Parameter Modding, Good Password Storage with Salt and Pepper, Site transversal and uploading stuff (talk on c99), Reverse shells DIY

Beginning HTML

We will create a simple webpage using HTML.   No prior experience needed - see how easy it is to create a webpage!

Breakin The Internets for N00bs

Learn the basics of web app hacking, and get paid doing it!

Computer Hardware: What all is there?

There are a lot of pieces that make up a computer. Come learn about what they all are & how they work.

Controlling Lights with a Raspberry Pi

This hands-on elective will teach you how you can turn almost anything electric, like lights, on and off through a web page on your Raspberry Pi.

Datacenter Tour

Come see what a "cloud" really looks like! We'll take a peek at DSU's datacenter.

Drawing with Turtle

Introduce Python with the turtle graphics environment

Hacking Restaurant Pagers and Other Things

This session is for folks that have completed the first SDR elective. We'll pick up where we left off in the first SDR session and do EVEN MORE FUN STUFF!

Hacking Simple Buttons & Lights

Is a simple name change all it takes to derive interest? What does it take to control an LED using software? We'll take a look at using your raspberry pi to controll LED's and interface with buttons!

Hanging with Austin

Let's keep working on the projects from the morning programming session with Austin!

Headless Pis

Your raspberry pi typically requires a tv/monitor and an HDMI cable. What if you could just access it directly from your computer? Come to this session to get setup!

Intro to Lock Picking

Learn how to manipulate locks to gain entry!

Intro to Malware

Create a small, simple piece of malware that allows you to control another machine.

Intro to Soldering

Never soldered before? Let's take a stab and make cool soldering badge!


LittleBits are a fun tool that allows your creativity to run wild! You will build and program different projects ranging from robot, bubble machines, and more. The only thing limiting you is your imagination!

Make a Cable

In this elective, you'll learn how to build a working ethernet cable!

Minecraft Pi

We all love minecraft, but what if we could automate it? Using Python and your Raspberry Pi, we'll show you how you can automate your world!

Moblie Forensics

You use your phone for EVERYTHING!  Learn about what your phone stores, and how it tracks you.  Use that information to solve a crime!

What is that hacking degree?

DSU has a lot of technology related degree programs. Come find out what they're all about!

Wireless Hacking

Learn to tinker with WiFi passwords, detect hidden networks, and other WiFi shenanigans in an effort to see how you can protect yourself!

Writing an Email Address Web Scraper with Python

Do you ever get random sales emails and wonder how someone acquired your email address? Perhaps it was posted publicly online on an old forum. Maybe a friend left it where others could see it. In this fun elective students will walk through writing a web scraper designed to harvest email addresses from websites! When you are done, you will be able to provide a list of URLs and scan them for email addresses.